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    can't view files in 'adobe.com' on the iPad Adobe Reader app




      I'm new to the Adobe creative cloud. I have downloaded "Creative Cloud" on my iMac and have uploaded a PDF onto it. This PDF appears to be in my cloud when I signon to creative cloud on Safari (both iMac and iPad). However, when I go to "adobe.com" tab on the Adobe Reader application on my iPad, there are no files there. I am using the free version of creative cloud. Shouldn't the uploaded files automatically sync with my iPad and appear in the "adobe.com" tab?


      Also, I just added another PDF from my iPad to the "adobe.com" tab in the app and now that I check my cloud on my iMac's safari, the file is not there too. How can I upload my PDFs onto my cloud via the adobe reader app on iPad?


      Please help me. I need to keep all my PDFs up to date on my iMac and iPad as I edit them alot.