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    Need Help with Uploading IPA to AppStore

    makeflashgames.com Level 1

      Having some troubles uploading my completed IPA to the appstore.


      1) Using Flash Professional CC

      2) Built with Air 3.8 for iOS

      3) Uploading it via Application Loader

      4) Encountered the following errors:

           >> Apple's web service operation was not successful

           >> Unable to authenticate the package: XXXXXXX.itmsp

           >> Error ITMS-9000: "This bundle is invalid. New apps and app updates submitted to App Store must be built with public (GM) versions of Xcode 5 and iOS 7 SDK. Do not submit apps built with beta software." at SoftwareAssets/SoftwareAsset(MZitmspSoftwareAssetPackage)

           >> Could not start delivery: all transports failed diagnostics


      as well as 3 warnings about icons for 120x120, 152x152 and 76x76.



      What should I have done differently?


      Any help greatly appreciated!