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    How to create theme PSD file using snapshot?


      I am creating an educational website on WordPress platform. I like the design used on a particular site. So I want to use similar design on my website. I think this is a custom made theme. Or suggest me a theme that looks like the above website.


      Can I built a PSD file from the snapshot of this website that was taken using FireFox browser. FireFox's 'Inspect Element - 3D tool'  is able to show design elements in 3D view.  Is it possible to create a PSD Theme file using FireFox and PS?  If not, you guys can work on this feature and patch it in upcoming versions of PS.

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          Don't quite follow you, but I have the suspicion that you don't mean "snapshot" but screen shot.


          Secondly, you are not addressing Adbe here.  This is a user to user forum.


          I don't deal with the web at all, so I can't offer you specific advice, but for those who might be in a position to help you, it is always a good idea to a good idea to provide full details about your setup, such as paltform, exact version of your OS and your applications, etc.


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            Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I think you may be over thinking it, or at least for now. First thing to do is go to wordpress's website and look at all the free theme's There are loads of them. It is possible that what you are looking for is already there or is very close to it.

            The finer details of the theme can be edited in the dashboard of wordpress it self.

            Then everything else can be changed with css, html or javascript depending on the function you need. Before using any javascript odds are fairly good there is already a free or paid plugin that will fit the bill.