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    Need to indent second line only of a paragraph, possible? Lateral thinking exercise…

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      At the moment I am using two para styles to do the formating I want. I would like to be able to do it with one so I have flexibility to change the text font attributes (which will change the wods per line) and not have to replace the paragraph breaks in all the table captions when I do so. I guess i could make a GREP pattern to automate removal of the old "\r" from lines with that style but I'd have to manually enter all the new ones, that's dozens I think in the entire document.


      Sounds like it might be a job for dropcaps but I can't get to work?


      Main issue is I need to indent second line but not the first line where the Table Sub-header is on same line as table caption.


      Screenshot 2014-04-20 14.04.34.png    


      Currently I have a Paragraph style that uses a GREP style to apply an underline Character style to the first word and code for table captions (eg Table 5.12). I also have three tabs set to determine the offset of the undeline rule, which is provides a background colour to the expression (\tTable\s\d\.\d+\t) Setting tab positions allows me control of the rule offsets. I guess I could use Rule Above also to same effect although moving tabs is easier for changing offsets in specific cases like longer numbers eg "Table 5.28" or for just tweeking the style.


      ID file to play with.