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    Problem when try to use 2 computers


      Hello there.

      I'm now facing a problem when try to use 2 computers. Specifically, I downloaded my ebook (pdf form) in my laptop and open it without problems. But when I tried to reopen the same book (from human kinetics site) to my pc, the known message revealed ("E_LIC_ALREADY" etc etc).

      As I realised, in my laptop, the ADE wasn't authorized (in fact, "is authorized without an ID"). I tried but didn't achieve to authorize it (it's not accepting my username and password, saying that the specific ID is already used, obviously when I made the similar procedure on my pc, a year ago), whereas I'm also not able to re-open the book in my pc (I made copy-paste to the appropriate folder of my pc, by the way...). What's the solution in this case? I mean, it's very annoying for me and I desperately want to solve it...

      Thank you in advance,