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    Error 1 message


      Several years ago I purchased Premier Elements 8 and I have not had use it until now.  I now have to burn a 2 1/4 hour DVD and I do not have enough space on my laptop to create the temporary burn files, so I decided to move the Elements 8 program and files to my 1 tetrabyte drive.  Durring the moving process there were several files I had to skip over as they were in use by other programs (it would be nice if these messages said WHAT programs these file were in use by).  I have rebooted my computer but I am getting "Error 1" messages.  How do I fix this?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You don't say what operating system you're moving from or you're moving to, but that could be a factor, since Windows 7, for instance, has a different set of file directories than XP. So there's that.


          Also, rather than copy & paste to move files, you'd be wiser to use Premiere Elements 8's Project Archiver. The archiver will automatically send the project file and all supporting files to a new location or external drive. These files will remain linked when you open the project file on another computer (assuming you're opening the project file with the same version of the program as you created it with).


          BTW, 135 minutes is a bit long for a DVD. DVDs can hold about 80 minutes of video at full quality. You might be able to squeeze a bit more on at a lower quality level -- but your trying to squeeze twice as much video onto a disc than a disc is designed to hold could also be the reason you're getting an error.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            >move the Elements 8 program


            I don't know about Mac, but using Windows Explorer (aka File Manager) to move a program to a different drive does not work due to System Registry entries


            Plus, at least some Adobe programs do not work properly if they are not installed to the C drive