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    What PC do you recommend with $4000?

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      Hi forum, and happy easter if you're reading this on Sunday.


      I need to a build a new machine, primarily for video editing, and my ideal budget is approximately $4000 which will include using parts from my current machine, but I can't go over $4500k. I specifically need the machine to handle multicam edits, which means it will be reading multiple 1080p video files (AVCHD/H.264/GoPro formats) at the same time, sometimes 6 at the most. I also need it to handle some colour grading in resolve which means I need a decent GPU. Linus tech tips nailed it with a similar build to mine that I need help on, based on what parts are accessible in SA etc.

      My current setup that I can use in the new setup

      Intel Core i7 930 2.4ghz

      Asus P6TSE Mobo

      Inno 3D GeForce GTX 570

      20GB of cheapo DDR3 ram, unsure what the mhz is

      USB 3 PCI-e card

      500GB 5400rpm

      3tb 7200rpm

      3tb 7200rpm

      128GB SSD OCZ Vector

      256GB SSD Samsung Evo 830

      My proposed build that I'm considering, but need advice

      Intel 4930K CPU (Need a CPU that is powerful to process edits/renders/adobe after effects work)

      ASUS P9 X79-E WS (This mobo is rock solid with enough ram slots and PCI ports which I intend to use later for PCI based SSDs when I do 4K/6K raw editing)

      G.Skill F3-2400C10D-16GTX Trident X 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3-2400MHz 1.65V CL10 Dual Channel Desktop Memory (I will use the rest of my cheap ram to fill slots for now)

      Samsung EVO 840 256GB SSD (Will use this as the OS boot drive)

      4x4tb 7200rpm drives in RAID10 (Since some edits come to over 600GB in HD footage, I am unable to edit off SSDs, as I may even be editing projects that total 3tb in a month)

      ASUS DirectCU 2 gtx780 3GB (I just need the CUDA performance for this, don't need a Quadro as I am not 3D rendering or outputting 10bit colour space)

      I also need to find a good heat sink, Thermal Compound, +800watt PSU, & case.


      Earlier somebody recommended dual xeons because they mean more cores but I thought the i7 would have been better.



      I first need advise on the above mentioned parts, should I up or downgrade something? Should I use a different brand?

      Much appreciated. Thanks everyone.