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    Audio transitions on soundtrack

    PCNoviceMesa Level 1

      I am trying to apply a transition between 2 clips on the soundtrack. I can adjust duration without any problem, but I see no distinction between the alignment options of 'left clip, between clip, or right clip'. I am not certain this function is working as regardless of which one I choose, the little arrow that appears on the soundtrack to indicatie the presence of a transition is always in the 'center', without any distinction of 'left, between, or right'. Plus, when I finish adjusting duration and move to alignment, none of the 32 choices become highlighted, but remain shaded or grey.I thought if I chose 'between clips' that the fade of sound would occur at end of one clip and beginning of adjacent clip, but I onl.y notice fade on either the end, or the beginning, not both. Should transition alignment work with all sound clips? Any suggestions?.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There is essentially only one audio transition (although there are two versions of it) and that is the audio dissolve.


          It is not a fade out from one clip and a fade into another. It is a transition in which one clip essentially blends into the other.


          In order to adjust where this transition takes place between the two audio clips, you will likely need to trim about a second off the end of one clip and the beginning of another so that the transition will have "head" and "tail" material to create the transitional segment.

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            PCNoviceMesa Level 1

            OK---thanks for quick reply. I will work on this more. I have found the trick to use rubber band in the timeline to change volume fade in/out which will help.

            Bob in CO