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    Installing new and uninstalling old Flash Player


      I installed the latest Adobe Flash Player version on my iMac.  Now I keep getting an icon and window telling me to install Flash player everytime I click on my hard drive. 


      When I click to go ahead and install, I receive the message that a later version of Adobe Flash is already installed and that therefore this version cannot be installed. 


      How can I get this older version to quit popping up telling me to install it every time I click on my hard drive? I put it in the trash, but it comes back again and again when I click on my hard drive icon on the desktop!

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          Mike M Level 6

          When you click on your hard drive?  Opening the Mac HD uses Finder. Flash Player doesn't even factor into that.

          Are you sure you aren't seeing it every time you open Safari?


          And is THIS what you're seeing?


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            clamawa Level 1

            Hi Mike M,


            You're right I was seeing the Flash Player whenever I clicked on the HD

            while an internet browser was open.  After going into the HD and finding

            all the places where I could see "Install Flash Player" alias's and

            throwing them into the trash and then emptying the trash, I

            finally(hours later) don't see the "Install Flash Player" icon and

            window when

            clicking on the hard drive.


            Thank you for your concern and input.  I believe the problem is solved now.


            Clara Mae