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    Session Closed when starting Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop

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      When Starting Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop, after inserting login and password the program says that I have closed the session.


      I have changed password in Adobe's web, with no problem, just in case it was a password problem. I have uninstalled the whole Adobe CC Suite, cleaning temp files and registry (with a registry cleaner) and it comes back the same message when I try to enter:


      "Ha cerrado la sesión" (In Spanish).



      I have rechecked my internet connections, security certificates...


      Besides, I have a second account with Creative Cloud but not with the whole suite, only with PhotoShop and Lightroom.


      In this case, I can log in with no problem.


      So it does not look that is a problem of Creative Cloud Desktop software, because I can log in with a total different account.


      My question is: Could it be that my primary account is "locked" in anyway Adobe's database?


      I have changed several times my password since Adobe admit its database was hacked. Could it be that my account has been hacked and then locked by Adobe? I'm just figuring out.


      Thanks! Juan


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