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    Photoshop CS6 - 'Two computers at same time' question

    [ Eek! ]

      Hi guys.


      I've tried searching for this question before but I couldn't find a definitive answer to it in the threads (maybe that's for a reason!).  Now, clearly the TOS stipulate about using PS on one computer at a time.  I understand that, as otherwise you could give a copy to a friend, for example.  However, for work purposes it would be helpful for me to have the program open on two of my computers here in my household at the same time; of course I'd only be actively at one computer at any given moment so not technically using the other, but it would be open.  It would also be using the same internet connection because of this (just in case that's a 'thing' worth mentioning).


      My question is really this: Is the 'one computer' requirement actively enforced via the software (a little like the monthly (or so?) online validation of the software serial), or is it more of a 'Please just don't do this' type of deal?  I can ensure people my reasons are legitimate but I don't want to risk installing again in case I'm 'flagged' and lose access to expensive software that I can ill afford to replace.


      Many thanks for any and all answers.