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    I need help eliminating the U44M1P7 error I get on my Creative Cloud applications


      I had issues with my Creative Cloud application (It dissappeared from my desktop) so I tried reinstalling it but that didn't work too well - Then I removed it, and the rest of the ADOBE products from my computer and used the 'Cleaner Tool' before reinstalling Creative Cloud.  I then installed PhotoshopCC & Acrobat from the Creative Cloud portal but I am still getting the U44M1P7 error message whenever I try to install an update - I have tried to find a way to talk to ADOBE for almost a week to no avail :-(


      My own thoughts are that this should be an ADOBE issue but I'm having difficulty contacting them - AS for their FAQ page - Around and around we go in an ever accelerating chase until either I dissappear up my own clacker in a flash of blue light (As per classical physics for a particle in a charged field) or get fed up enough to either accept the problem or cancel my Creative Cloud membership - ADOBE must be making money otherwise they would actually allow plebs like me to access their customer help line rather than allowing us to walk away !