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    Error in installing a (ZXP Bundle and hybrid) extension

    poortip87 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am developing an extension using Adobe Flash Builder 4.6, extension builder 2.1.


      The extension requires creating a zxp bundle. I was able to create a zxp bundle that includes 10 zxp files. The intallation was successfull too. The problem came when I tried to make it a hybrid extension too. Somehow, when I created the combination of hybrid + zxp bundle, the resulting zxp fails to install. It gives an error message saying that the extension is not signed, and it requires the manifest file.


      Is there a bug in Extension builder that we cannot create a zxp bundle and a hybrid extension? This problem occurs even when I tried including the Adobe resource libraries, like the host addapter libraries. I removed my stuff from the hybrid and just included the Adobe stuff. Still the same problem.


      Can anyone tell me what is wrong here?



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          lesavage Adobe Employee

          Hi poortip87,


          Firstly, here is a resource document that may help in terms of packaging your product: http://www.adobeexchange.com/resources/7


          Secondly, how did you 'bundle' the 10 ZXP files? Were all the ZXP files CS Extensions? Or did you mean you creating a ZXP that contained 10 files? If the former then I would expect that creating a bundle that contained 10 ZXP files would be a hybrid extension hence asking about your process.


          Did you see an error in Extension Builder when you attempted to create a hybrid extension?


          To help you troubleshoot, when exporting the extension in Extension Builder, check the option 'Unpack ZXP into export folder'. This will show you the contents that are actually being packaged into the ZXP file. Also, you can rename the file extension .zxp => .zip and extract the contents to see what is actually included in the bundle. For example, in your first example with 10 ZXPs, you would expect the bundle to include 10 ZXPs and an MXI file describing how the 10 ZXPs should be installed.


          I hope this helps,


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            poortip87 Level 1



            Thanks for the reply!


            I was trying to create a zxp bundle containing 10 different zxp files. If we try to include a zxp file in another zxp, its called a zxp bundle. However, I was trying to create a zxp bundle that contained my 10 zxp files as well as my plugin files.


            I found that I was creating the bundle the wrong way. I followed the instructions of creating a bundle using the ucf.jar tool and it worked.