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    Dynamic Hyperlinks in Acrobat Form




      I am creating a suite of forms in Acrobat, in which I will need a number of hyperlinks.  I can see how to set up a standard hyperlink using the normal form edit functionality, but what I am looking for is a little away from the norm and will need some scripting, which is something I know very little about.


      Can anybody help me in how to script a button in Acrobat to hyperlink to a static address with a dynamic ending?


      Basically, what I am trying to acieve is a button that will link to Google Maps and show the property that is detailed in the form (so there will be the static element of www.google.co.uk/maps/, but I need the post code that has been entered in the address details to be pasted onto the end of that address so the button will take the user straight from the from to the correct location on Google Maps).


      Can anybody help me with this?