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    FM 12 -- Forcing page breaks for Kindle

    Art_Campbell Level 3

      I'm publishing a book into Amazon's Kindle format, mobi, and was hoping someone knows how to inherit existing FM page breaks, or to force it by adding it to a FM para tag or other FM code.

      The front matter of the book is in a single file with page breaks, but the Publish option is removing the breaks.


      Any ideas?




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          Bob Niland (Error 7103) Level 4

          FM doesn't actually have page breaks, as a mark-up/structure distinct from the adjacent paragraphs.


          When you perform a Special > Page Break operation, what it actually does is modify the current paragraph's Pagination properties, as a local override. Writers who eschew overrides never use S>PB in FM.


          So the question I'd have is, is the mobi workflow discarding overrides? If so, the solution is to use a specific paragraph format that has deliberate Top of Page pagination. This is what's recommended for this same problem in InDesign, but I really have no idea if it works in FM for ebook workflows.

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            amitjha-lt Adobe Employee

            Hi Art_Campbell


            You can do that using  pagination in conversion settings. http://help.adobe.com/en_US/framemaker/using/WS2d2a17056e2191985844af1a142be0be50b-7ffc.ht ml


            In publish pod (File -> Publish)

                 1. Go to Edit settings by clicking on settings button

                 2. Go to conversion setting

                 3. Select the FM Para tag (where you want to have page break)

                 4. Check pagination

                 5. Click on Save & close and publish


            You can also do the Special > Page Break operation as local override as mentioned by Error7103


            Please let us know if it is not working for you.



            Amit Jha

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              Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP



              AFAIK, in order to ensure page breaks work in mobi or epub, these have to occur at the html file boundaries. You need to ensure that you have your FM style mappings set to trigger pagination at the appropriate paratag.



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                Art_Campbell Level 3

                Just as a follow up to this, I fixed the problem by slicing and dicing my

                FrontMatter file for print, which had the title, half title, copyright,

                dedication, and a few other items into four discrete files and publishing

                out to mobi. Uploaded the .mobi to Kindle, and it went through without

                errors and looked fine. Kindle version is browsable at the link below.


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