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    flash builder 4.5 database


      I am using tutorials to learn database creation.  In my flex project I am able to use the database that I created.  My flex program creates the code and I can get the page to load with the table there and the input boxes to put info in.  the create table button shows up but when clicked it does nothing.  The code in the video show a dataProvider="{getalltableresults.lastresult} in the code but the code that is generated for does not have this code. here is my code that was generated for the button


      protected function button_clickHandler (event:MouseEvent):void


      var cookbook2:Cookbook = new Cookbood();

      cookbook2.id = parseInt (idTextInput.text);

      cookbook2.title = titleTextInput.text;

      cookbook2.recipe = reecipeTextInput.text;


      createCookbookResult.token = cookbookService.createCookbook(cookbook2);

      var cookbook3:Cookbook = new Cookbook();

      cookbook3.id =parseInt(idTextInput.text);

      cookbook3.title = titleTextInput.text;

      cookbook3.recipe = recipeTextInput.text;


      createCookbookResult2.token = cookbookService.createCookbook(cookbook3);



      then there are call responder getallcookbookreult and a lueObjects:cookbook for each id, title and recipe


      next is the grid column array list

      the this line

      AsyncListView list="{getAllCookbookResult.lastResult}"/>

      Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong