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    Problems viewing Breeze presentations


      I have prepared a number of breeze presentations using Breeze 5. I have heard from some individuals that when they try and view the presentation, their computer freezes. This problem occurs for presentations I have produced
      These individuals are not having problems with Breeze presentations produced by Adobe.
      These individuals have computers and operating systems that meet the posted system requirements.
      Any ideas?
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          dbm2psu Level 1
          I have learned a little more about this problem since I first posted. These people also have trouble with
          https://admin.acrobat.com/_a40309409/presentervideoexamples, so it is not just Breeze presentations that I produce.

          The video plays, then stops for a few seconds, then resumes. It is almost like the browser is pausing to look ahead and capture video, and then play it. The pause can be 15-20 seconds in length in order to play the next 20 seconds of video

          A sample system that is having trouble is a
          Dell Optiplex GX620 with a 3 ghz pentium processor running windows XP. It is running on the backbone at our university. The problem exists in both Firefox and Explorer

          Any ideas?