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    <mx:Image  progress bar or "loading"

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      Hi All,
      I am trying to figure out the best way to create a loading status. I have a <mx:Image> tag that loads images, I want to show to the user that an image is loading. I was thinking of adding event listeners for init and complete. On init add text "loading" and on complete remove it.. I've also seen that I can extend the progressbar, but not sure how to use it. I could also add a loading animation instead of the "loading" text.

      Anyone know of good examples and/or how should I go about this? Use progress bar? or Add/Remove display object to the Display list?

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          frenchi30 Level 1
          ok, so I decided that the progress bar is not how I want to proceed. I decided to add a label to the display list on init and remove it on complete. I have an issue though, I want to show the "Loading" at the center of the <mx:image> tag, therefore I am trying to put the label on top of the <mx:image>. From what i understand, if I add it to the display list the last child will be on the bottom.. However, when I do this, the text label is not "overlaying" the image..

          How do I overlap items on the stage in flex?