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    Preserve scale when replacing images CS5


      Hey everyone,


      Hey everyone,


      I moved our prepress department from CS3 to CS5.  I’m not sure if this is behavior changed in CS5 from CS3 or if it can be addressed with presets/settings. I’ve tried as many setting changes as I know…and now turning to the forums because I haven’t accomplished what’s needed.


      When the prepress tech sets up a PDF page, she places the PDF and scales it into place with exact precision in an INDD Doc. For this example, let’s say that the scale is 98%x103%. She saves the INDD page, outputs and moves on to the next set of PDFs. She replaces the PDFs with the new set.


      Each print job is, according to her, slightly different, but since all PDFs from a print job will have the same overall document width/height, she can use the first set of PDFs to establish the exact scale/position.


      The settings on the old CS3 machine caused the new PDF to scale exactly into place at 98%x103%. CS5 replaces the PDF proportionally, but the exact scale is off. It scales up or down slightly from the 98%x103%. This seems to be caused because of very slight differences in layout. I’ve tried changing import options, positioning, fitting and every other setting I can find. It may seem like splitting really fine hairs, but our prepress technician is a perfectionist when it comes to exact placement.


      Here’s what I need: After a PDF is scaled to fit the area, the next (replaced) PDF retains the exact scale as the original—positioned from either upper left or upper right.


      As written before, the settings on the CS3 machine cause this to happen to her satisfaction. The newer (still ancient…LOL) CS5 machine does not as described above. I attempted to duplicate presets from CS3 but I’m missing something.


      Any help is appreciated.