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    error messages

    Pat O'D

      I currently have 5 erros acording to the error message on the bottom of my screen. F4 of these are labled as text-flow problems. My text is all accounted-for, so I suppose it doesn't matter, but it is disconcerting. These apparently occured after I moved pieces of text around. Any thoughts?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Version of InDesign? EXACTLY what does the error message say?

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            When this happens to me, the simplest explanation is that there's extra paragraph markers in one or some of the text boxes which then causes it to appear as though there's overset text. Does it tell you that you have overset text or anything like that? I'm with Steve, we need a bit more information.

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              Pat O'D Level 1

              It does tell me I have overset text. Extra paragraph markers? You can see hyou're dealing with a real novice here.

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                BeckieBea Level 1

                If you look under the "type" menu at the top, there should be something called "show hidden characters". This will show you where the spaces are and where there are hard carriage returns or paragraph marks, amongst other stuff. Look for something that looks like a P with two lines in it. That's a paragraph marker. If you click on a text box and you see a red + down in the lower right corner, that also indicates that there's overset text in that box. Your error log should at least tell you what pages the overset text can be found on. I've put in a screen shot that's hopefully helpful, even if it does have a few typos and whatnot... overset.jpg

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                  Pat O'D Level 1

                  It sends me to the preflight panel, which tells me I have 5 occsions of overset texyt

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                    Pat O'D Level 1

                    I've found my way to the places where overset text allegedly should be found. There is, however, no oveset text. All my text is present and accounted for.

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                      BeckieBea Level 1

                      Did you view the hidden text and make sure there's not extra characters around? All of YOUR text may be accounted for, but, and this is especially true if the content was cut and pasted into the document, extra spaces and extra paragraphs can find their way in and overset the text box.

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                        SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        select one of the stories that claims overset text, and open in the story editor (edit>edit in story editor)

                        Turn on hidden characters, and then see what is there. (In the case below, it's extra paragraph returns)


                        Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 3.45.37 PM.png