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    Upgrade to Creative Cloud 7 days ago - still no access to full products customer service not helpful


      I upgraded to the full Creative Cloud access on the 13th of April through customer service. I saw a promotional offer for $29.99/month for access to all the CC apps, but since I was already signed up for Premiere Pro CC at $19.99/month it said I needed to speak to customer service to upgrade.


      I did that. The customer service rep upgraded my service to $29.99/month and assured me that I would now have access to the full creative suite.


      You can see that I was billed for $29.99 on April 13th:


      After that upgrade nothing changed on my end. I had full access to Adobe Premiere CC like before, but otherwise all other programs(photoshop, illustrator, etc) still downloaded and ran as trial versions. I contacted customer service two more times. They were unable to resolve the problem and only escalated the ticket.


      I have not had any response from either ticket. And looking at it now it looks like one of them is listed as "withdrawn" with no notes from Adobe's end and no resolution to my problem. The other ticket is still open pending Adobe's response.


      To top it all off today in Premiere CC I received a notice that I would lose access to Premiere in 5 days because of some error in the billing information. So in 5 days time I will be paying $29.99/month and have access to zero Adobe products.


      So I'm writing this post in hopes of actually getting someone that can solve my problems to take a look. I don't want to spend another 2 hours in a chat-box with an overseas customer service rep who only copys and pastes pre-formatted responses to me. I don't want my ticket escalated and then ignored. I want the service that I paid for, or I want my money refunded.


      What I think happened is that the customer service rep who upgraded my membership to the full creative cloud suite forgot to flip some switch. It seems like they increased my billing rate but didn't actually change my subscription.


      Here's the picture that shows exactly what service shows up in my account:

      Creative cloud.PNG

      Here's what my creative cloud app shows - notice that I only have access to trial versions of most of the software:

      creative cloud 2.PNG

      Please don't tell me to try logging out of creative cloud, or deleting files on my end, or check my DNS settings, or any of that. I've been through it - twice - with your customer service reps already. It did nothing. The issue is on Adobe's side. Somewhere in some database my account is not set to full creative cloud access. There is nothing I can do on my end to rectify this.


      Please - I would either like this rectified, or have my money refunded. Anything else is unacceptable. And as a whole my experience with customer service has been frustrating, unhelpful, and not up to the standards I expect from a high-class company like Adobe.