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    InDesign crashes when i export a pdf, overprint preview and package

    Stella1251 Level 1

      I am using CS6 on a MacBook Pro. I have version 10.8.5.


      I am working on a manual (original file not created by me).

      I was trying to pacakge all the files together but it kept crashing. I do not see the blank window some people have been seeing when this happens. I only get the window about letting Apple know about the problem and submitting the problem to Adobe.


      Under Preflight all systems are fine, I have the green light.

      I checked that paragraph styles, character styles and master pages did not have fonts missing.


      I went through all files and noticed some eps's did not have fonts converted to outlines so I made them outlines and relinked them.

      I also changed all RGB to CMYK.

      I converted the file to an IDML, reopened InDesign. I also resaved the file to a different name.

      These did not seem to help unfortunately.


      If there is no visible problem, what can one do? At this point I am trying to pdf one page at a time to see if I can pinpoint as to where the issues lies.


      InDesign also crashes when exporting a .pdf and when I try to run an overprint preview. So strange..