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    Pull Username

      I have a flex app that needs to pull the username of the person logged into the PC running the app. We have Common Access Cards (CAC's) that are required for user login, but in some cases the user may be using a standard login.

      Is there a way to grab that username using actionscript? This is basically the username that windows keeps in its environment for the person logged in. For example, in MS Access, I would pull the username with Environ("Username"). I have tried to use cgi.auth_user, but that only returns the username that the web server has, so if the user is not in their browser, it pulls nothing.


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          HyderAlamgir Level 1
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          Sorry, misread your post. Answer was wrong!
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            SemperSalvus Level 1
            I still need an answer on this. Can anyone help? And no I am not a hacker wanting to steal userid's from people. I work for the government and we will be using the userid to match up with an existing Oracle table and from there dictate what parts of the application that particular user has access to. We do not want to implement some big userid and password thing to control, especially since the user has already logged into their client machine with a secure access card. I need this to work in AIR, both online and offline, so using the PERL #cgi.auth_user# from a cfm page will not work, since the app will not have access to a web server when offline. Is there maybe a javascript equivalent method that does not need access to a web server? Thanks for any replies.