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    User control over font size?

    Margaret Becker Level 1
      I wonder if there is a way the user can control the font size in the .chm file from the viewer. I know you can go to your internet browser and change the font size there, but this is a bit convoluted. Is there a control available in the chm viewer that I am missing?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Margaret

          Indeed you may add a Font button to the .CHM viewer. Unfortunately, RoboHelp doesn't expose a method to do it easily. You would have to do it by compiling using Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.

          Here is a link to a page explaining it. Click here and read all about it

          I'm not sure if CSS font sizes will override this or not. Additionally, you may wish to try pressing and holding the Alt key while rolling the mouse wheel (if you have one) as this sometimes changes the font.

          Cheers... Rick