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    Very tricky pre-loading system

      Hi everyone

      I have a bit of a tricky project and I'm wondering if anyone can help me.

      Basicly the webite is a photo gallery for my company which contains hundreds of images of all the products. No actual data is hard-coaded into the movie, it is all loaded dynamically from an XML file which has product data and the URL's for the images.
      At the moment I have nine products per page and as you scroll through is loads the next nine images as you need them, this means that there is always a pause between pages. I am looking for a way that I can start downloading as many of l my images as possible as soon as the movie starts so that there will not always be the pause as you scroll through (I would like it to keep on loading in the background as the user is browsing.

      I am quite new to flash so the problem is that I dont know where to store these images until they are needed? As I said the number of total images is always changing so I cant have a fixed number of movieclips to load them into. I need some sort of place holder that can hold all these images until needed and then load them into the movie clips on the stage.

      Does anyone know of any tricks to handle this sort of thing??? I would greatly appreciate any help.

      Thanks for your time