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    Edge animate composition forwards user to Adobe.com on "rollover" style events


      I have been building my portfolio for my college application using Edge Animate, and I found an odd situation. Every time I publish to HTML or preview the composition, it will eventually refer me to Adobe.com upon rollover of a mouseEnter/mouseExit sequence.


      I am using several relatively large spritesheet style animations (1000x1200) which are manually keyframed using the background image property. The spritesheets are in png format, ranging is size from around 50kb, and one about 230kb. The website does not need to be mobile compatible.


      Upon mouseExit, the current playhead position is used to calculate the reverse-play sequence start point using getPosition(). I was having some problems with weird flickering upon playReverse(). In every other regard, this is working fine.


      Earlier I ran into a bug which a bracket was not included in some Edge-created code upon the creation of a symbol. I reverted to the previous save and rebuilt the symbol, which seemed to fix the problem.


      Obviously, I cannot have my portfolio review board being refferred back to Adobe every time they try to view my work. Any tips to resolve this, or any ideas of what circumstance might be causing it, would be appreciated.


      I apologize if I am unclear on any of this. I am an animation/motion design student, not a web designer. If you need any clarification, please feel free to inquire.