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    Adobe Account wrong Country. Adobe Account not recognising my purchases. Adobe Lightroom not working


      So many problems. First, when I registered with Adobe, I lived in the UK. I now live in Malaysia. I contacted Adobe over a month ago to tell them. I got a reply saying the country has been changed on my account. It hasn't.


      Second, I used trial versions of both Lightroom & Photoshop CC for 30 days. Both have since expired. I subscribed to CC last week on the monthly payments - this was for both Photoshop CC and Lightroom. The money was taken from my bank account. I received an email confirming my membership, and was given an order number. When I check my account, the Country is still showing as UK and the only version of Photoshop registered to me is CS2. When I then checked my orders, I get the message that the order number, quoted from the email I received from Adobe, does not exist.


      Can someone please tell me what is happening and why?