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    Nested quotes, value(), and string() and other fun "Headaches"


      So I have a handlerA in which I do something like this all with local variables:


      VariableA = "The Planet" VariableB && "orbit" && VariableB



      I need to store stuff in a big list in a separate handlerB , for example, without the VariableD expanding, which is why I have to put it

      in quotes:


      DB = []

      DB.append("This" & QUOTE && "&&" && "VariableD" && "&&" && QUOTE & "ThisToo" & QUOTE & "&&" & QUOTE & "That")


      s = string(DB)

      s = value(s)


      put s

      seems to work but I am not sure I am doing this right. Any input would be appreciated.


      I need to be able to call tokens/items from the content of DB, much like what is assigned to VariableA

      then have it's variables expand like it does in handlerA