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    Re: CSS background position

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      Hi Miguel,
      this is the usual way I use...
      looke here for example: www.fitness-empire.it

      but try to imagine a page with a short lenght... or try to open this page:
      http://www.fitness-empire.it/ on a huge monitor...
      where the footer ends, the body color or body bg starts again

      Best regards

      "Miguel" <nose@hotmail.com> ha scritto nel messaggio
      > Hi,
      > I think that the Gary solution is the best. For the footer perhaps you can
      > make a 100% width footer with a color background which hide the body
      > background and then insert your closing image into the footer div.
      > "Nicola Rubeo" <nicola_nospammers_@computertime-az.it> escribió en el
      > mensaje news:fmsig4$esj$1@forums.macromedia.com...
      >> Hi Gary,
      >> already give it a try, this may solve part of the problem (actual layout
      >> include a footer with a closing image, this is not compatible with a
      >> short page because body background would continue after footer), but at
      >> this point I have to rethink the layout from scratch, it's the best thing
      >> to do.
      >> Thank you very much for your advice
      >> Nicola
      >> "Gary White" <reply@newsgroup.please> ha scritto nel messaggio
      >> news:hfb2p3pp4q93tq7lkcjdct4l8nfjkgjhcp@4ax.com...
      >>> On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 22:32:27 +0100, "Nicola Rubeo"
      >>> <nicola_nospammers_@computertime-az.it> wrote:
      >>>>I undesrtand you perfectly
      >>>>don't understand why this option is not present
      >>>>consider that I have to rethink a layout from scratch :-(
      >>> While you cannot do what you asked, by starting a tiling background at
      >>> some arbitrary point, you *can* cover a portion of the background with
      >>> some other opaque content. Consider something like this:
      >>> <style type="text/css">
      >>> body {
      >>> background: #fff url(bg.gif) center repeat-y;
      >>> }
      >>> #header {
      >>> background: #fff;
      >>> height: 250px;
      >>> }
      >>> </style>
      >>> Then, in the html:
      >>> <body>
      >>> <div id="header">Some content</header>
      >>> Gary