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    How to check legality of Photoshop CS3 DVD


      Some years ago, I purchased PhotoShop CS3 for my Windows system. When I ditched my Windows hardware and switched to Mac, I retained Windows in Boot Camp for a time for backwards compatibility. I loaded Photoshop CS3 there.  When I no longer required any Windows capability, I deactivated the software and uninstalled it.


      These days I use CS6 on the Mac.


      I want to pass on the CS3 DVD to my 89 year old Dad but want to be sure that I have done everything to make this a legal transfer.


      I have checked my registered products on Adobe.com and the software is not there.


      Is the only way to be sure to have my Dad install it and see if it works?


      Having worked for many years for a software company (SAS) I am greatly  protective of copyright.