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    Done the research, just need some input on my new PC build plan

    yash-lucid Level 1

      Hi guys. I am planning a new PC build to handle my extensive multicamera workflow in Premiere Pro, grading in resolve, and simple non-3D rendering in After Effects. I will likely be using Windows 8 with Adobe version CC. This is my proposed idea thus far, after reading the tweakers pages, and research. Components in italics are ones that I already own from my current system.


      2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 V2 2.6GHz 6 Core Processor (This is a 2011 socket dual xeon system)

      I've opted for this because 12 cores x 2.6GHz give 31.2GHz of power, as opposed to a Haswell CPU like the 4930k which will give 3.9 GHz * 6 for 23.4 GHz power. Someone suggested to go with the E5-2620 instead as it is far cheaper and should still give enough power for what I need. Any thoughts on this? The E5-2640 is out the budget so please keep that in mind.


      Asus Z9 PE-D8 Motherboard

      Everyone including Youtube pros like TekSyndicate and LinusTechTips and NewEgg have recommended this board and does seem to come out on top for the money. I will definitely be using the extra PCI-e lanes for raid controllers like the Areca or PCI-e based SSD's if need be, and when I can afford to as those are pretty, pretty, pretty pricey. (Sorry, Curb your enthusiasm reference there)


      Inno 3D Geforece GTX 570

      I know this is very out of place but this is my current card that I am going to use until I can spend money on a Quadro and 10-bit monitor, which should be toward final quarter of this year. I might consider a GTX 780 if the Cuda performance is seriosly lacking but I feel it should be fine.


      Samsung 840 EVO Series 256 GB SSD

      This will be my boot drive


      Samsung 830 EVO Series 256 GB SSD

      PPRo Scratch drive


      OCZ Vector 128gb SSD

      Windows Page File, AE Scratch


      4x4tb 7200rpm drives in RAID10

      I want the performance and safety of having to edit from fast drives that can carry large volumes of data that SSD's are not able to. I will not use RAID as a backup and will back these drives up separately on a 2 bay NAS that is not listed here.


      4x Corsair Value Select CMV8GX3M1A1333C9 8GB (8GB) DDR3-1333

      My first thought to using 1333 ram instead of 1866 or 2133 was, why? Then someone advised me that quantity wins over quality. In other words, for (roughly) the same price of 4x 8GB 1333 sticks, I would get about 2x 8GB 1866 sticks, and having more ram even though it's clock freq is lower, will be better. Please advise is 1333 is ok for this purpose? Please also advise on quad channel ram, is the motherboard that allows this to be possible, allowing any 4 identical sticks to made into a quad channel array, or is the ram that is built to be used as quad channel, or both?


      Case, cooler, PSU, 2 bay NAS, and fans

      I am still looking for these, while US based friends/people recommend certain brands, not all are available in South Africa, or are viable to buy after shipping, customs etc.


      If you have any suggestions as to how I could do something differently or more efficiently, please do advise. Thanks!

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          Sorry, but you are not close to done as your title of this post indicates. Or at least in my opinion .


          I may sound rather blunt here, but your other post here indicated you want a high performance $4000 US price point build and dual Xeons is definitely not the way to maximize your hard earned SA Rands!


          Stick with a single CPU. Personally, I would highly recommend an i7-4930k build overclocked somewhere in the 4.2 to 4.4 range. This is not a radical clock for this unlocked, safe and easy to overclock CPU. Your single core speed will indeed impact some of your workflow because not every program is multi-threaded, and there are some sad users out there that went for a slow dual Xeon system and are pretty unhappy with sub $1000 mainstream PCs that run some things faster.


          Go with 64GB of RAM if your budget allows. After Effects loves RAM.


          Don't use an EVO drive for scratch. They benchmark great, but large file sustained writes are pretty poor. (I'm assuming that you meant 840 EVO for scratch drive (there is no such thing as a 830 EVO).


          Do treat yourself to a nice GTX 770 4GB, GTX 780, or GTX 780 Ti video card.






          PS - I have built a rockin' dual Xeon e5-2687w system, so I am not opposed to dual Xeons; they really just don't start making sense until you get to about twice your intended system price point.

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            yash-lucid Level 1

            Thanks for your insights Jim.


            What then, would you say is lowest spec Dual Xeon system to build, which justifies the price to performance factor and cannot be matched with a Haswell system?


            By the way, dual E5-2687W processors, that is awesome.

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              cc_merchant Level 4

              Revisit Tweakers Page - What kind of PC to use?


              From this article:


              * Due to the lacking overclock-ability of Xeon CPU's, only the E5-2687W @ 3.1 GHz or better makes sense in such a Monster.

              Any Xeon with lower clock speed is no better than an overclocked i7 hexa core, only way more expensive.

              In fact dual Xeon E5-2630 are clearly slower than a single i7-4930K overclocked to 4.4 GHz, despite the price.

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                JEShort01 Level 4

                The lowest spec Xeon system that cannot be matched with a Haswell with price to performance considered would be a single Xeon!



                Asus x79 single CPU workstation board (many of their x79 boards do not support the Xeons)

                fast, high-core E5 series Xeon such as e5-2687w (non v2 is high bang for the buck 8 core), e5-2697 v2 12-core, etc.


                Eric Bowen (ECBowen on this forum) is way more knowledgable than I and his personal build for home is just this - a x79 MB with a single E5 2697V2 12 Core ($$$) Xeon



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                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                  The 4930K is IVY-E architecture and not Haswell E yet. Only desktop and mobile are Haswell currently. The Xeon 6 Cores you are looking at would not be my first choice especially if you only plan to get 4x Ram sticks starting out. You would be much better off getting a single Xeon E5 2690 V2 on an X79 board than get those 2x 6 Cores. To get the full benefit of the ram performance you require 4 sticks per chip. Otherwise you run at half bandwidth for the ram. The drive setup looks ok other than I would also suggest the Crucial drive instead of the Samsung Evo.




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