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    iPad / LR5. How do I do this?

    pat agonia Level 1

      Apologies, as I may be being really thick but I was thinking about working on my RAW images whilst on the road using the new generation iPad and mini. I will not have access to my Mac / PC as I will be cycling LEJOG, but the long way 'round taking 3-4 weeks.


      I know you have to sign up to the monthly CC subscription with Adobe, then I presume (?) download the iPad specific Lightroom 5 software but what is likely the best solution or possibilities for 1: backing up my SD cards onto an offboard HD but more importantly 2: working on the RAW files once imported into LR5 on the iPad?


      This is what escapes me at present, the whole, "working on my images stored on an offboard HD & using the iPad" - this is what I don't yet comprehend!


      I have seen some wireless 1TB HD devices with SD slots, but is that the solution?


      Likely I will have access to the internet every few days, but my ideal "one-stop" solution, is, I think, something else as I want to both back up the images on the SD cards to offboard HD's and then work on them on the iPad.


      How best to do this?

      Thanks in anticipation.