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    Importing A.I. files to A.E.


      Hi you wonderfully cleaver people out there.


      As a newbie I'm having an issue importing A.I. files into A.E. Can you offer suggestions?


      Problem one - I bought some vector files that I want to later animate in A.E. Individually they are pretty complex however are not in separate layers. What's the best way to create new layers and place the (sub layers) info' into them for importing to A.E.?


      Problem two - To get around problem one I statred creating my own assets. (It takes some time for me as a newbie:-) I created new layers for each aspect (head, eyes, legs, arms etc.) to create a cartoon character. This imported fine, however, when in A.E. they do not form the shape (a character) but are all mingled together, one-on-top of the other. Is this what's supposed to happen? It again takes a bit of time to move everything back into it's correct place to animate etc. If there's a way, I would love to know how to bring in the A.I. file as a complete picture to start playing with.