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    Help with calling a Get URL

      I am having a problem with calling a series of web pages within my movie. I have an index.fla that I publish to html. Within the index.html, I am calling multiple swf files to load content. Home.swf loads when the index page displays. Then the user clicks on any button and each button loads another swf replacing the main content with perhaps loading it's own swf files of content also. Everything is working fine. However, on one called swf file, called students.swf, I also have a menu swf file that is called when students loads. This menu swf file has text listed with actionscripting calling a data file that causes the text to expand and rollout and display a label of the url. When the user clicks on the list name I have a get url to the url of the label. Everything works fine in the swf files when I test the movies for the swf for the menu file and for the student file swf. However, when I publish and run the index page and start testing out the student swf that is called, the menu will not open up a new browser window with the link designated in the get url. I can't figure it out! It works fine in the swf files, but not when I test it out through the index controlling file. Please Help!!!