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    Need ideas for page refresh

    siriiven Level 1

      I have an application that I have built that scans in a drivers license and OCR's the data, archives the image etc. I have the coldfusion page set up so it refreshes every couple of seconds. When the ID is scanned with the scanner and the query row is generated I output all of the scanned data and image to the page. Everything is working great with all that. I have a small little issue though.


      Since the initial page is refreshing every few seconds waiting for the scan to happen that means that the drop down nav links in the header are refreshing too. There is a reports menu in the navigation that has around 10 links in a drop down for different types of reports. If someone drops it down and is taking time looking at the report names the page will refresh and the menu closes.


      Once the ID is scanned it no longer refreshes every couple of seconds, I disable it. So its only an issue until the ID is scanned.


      Any ideas for a way to refresh the page looking for a query recordcount to be >= 1 but not refresh the header?