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    After Effects Time Warp and reverse


      Hi there;


      I am a university student and stuck with a project, I normally use photoshop but I am working with short videos in after effects, what I am wanting to do is quite simple, but I am stuck with it.


      I have some short clips (30-60 seconds) which I need to reduce in speed to roughly 1/4 - 1/16 speed. They were shot at 60fps, but I need the actually image frames so I cannot play back the footage slower. I also need to reverse the footage. This is what I am doing;


      Import movie;

      interpret footage;



      New comp from footage;

      Time Warp;




      Which turns a 30 second clip into 2 minutes and adds lots of useful frames.


      However, I need it to play backwards too, so I hit CTRL, ALT, R (Time reverse layer) and all the footage turns into a single stuck frame!

      So I undo that and set time warp speed to -25% - same problem, what is going on? How can I both reverse the footage, AND timewarp it?

      I have very little experience in AE, I am normally a photographer


      Also, is there a way to export EVERY SINGLE FRAME as .png or targa? Technician has told me that this is "impossible" but then a friend has said that it is possible to export Tiffs from some software? I know that 2 mins at 60fps 720p will be roughly 20Gb of files - just trying to save a software step?