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    How do I cut sections out of an image similar to ms paint?


      So I have this basic grey verticle rectangle and I can't for the life of me figure out what I am trying to do, which is a very simple task.  All I want to do is cut sections out of the rectangle and place them next to the rectangle.  So in Microsoft Paint, when you select the "Rectangular Selection" tool and draw a rectangle on the image or graphic that you are working on and then drag that selection somewhere, it takes just what you selected and moves it to wherever you put it leaving behind a white square (in this example) where that selection used to be.  In fireworks, as I said before, I have a grey vertical rectangle on a transparent background.  All I want to do is perform this same maneuver drawing a square out of the rectangle, clicking and holding, and dragging the selection to the right side of the grey vertical rectangle leaving behind the transparent background in its place.  This seems to be an incredibly basic function that I can't for the life of me figure out how to do in FW.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      paint cut.jpg

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          Fireworks works with both vector based objects and bitmap. There are two workflows open to you:


          1) right-mouse click the rectangle layer, and choose "flatten selection". The vector layer is then converted to a bitmap layer. Next, use the bitmap selection tool (M), and create your selection. Then use the pointer tool (V) to move the content.


          2) generally you want to keep the vector objects if you can. Working with vector graphics is entirely different compared to bitmaps, and the rules and tools change. To recreate your effect, you must draw a second rectangle, place it partly over the original rectangle, and then select both. Then open the Path palette (in the Window menu), and click on the first button under "combine paths'.


          Fireworks is on a completely different level compared to Paint. If you have never worked with these type of more professional applications, I urge you to watch a couple of video tutorials.



          Do realize, though, that Fireworks is EOL software: it's dead in the water. Adobe stopped development last year. You may want to invest your time in other software.