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    Embed linked changed, can I change back?

    tracypilson Level 1

      Somehow the link to embed one of my forms changed. Is there a way to change the embed url? Since I included the link in the form itself (to allow users to either complete online or to complete in the pdf and then hit submit at the end of the document) I would have to redistribute the pdf with the correct link.  Thanks!

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          I am not sure which link you mean changed, but the link to your Adobe FormsCentral form does not change, are you saying you embedded it into your own site and that sites URL has now changed? 

          If you can give me more details I can try to give better assistance.  Are you using a FormsCentral web form and distributing both as web and PDF form?  Is the web form embedded into your own site?  Is the URL in your PDF you refer to a URL to the form, or to a page the form is embedded in? 


          Basically if you have distributed a PDF and have a URL in it that is no longer valid for whatever reason you would need to re-distribute the corrected PDF to change that.