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    Creative Cloud Licence status issue




      We've been using Creative Cloud for almost a year, no issues other than when we first set it up and had an out of data Creative Cloud admin tool which kept telling us we had to register within 15 days or lose access.  An upgrade was downloaded and installed, and all was well.


      Our subscription ends on the 10th May 2014, and I can login to the Creative Cloud website and the admin tool (for handling installs, updates etc) fine.


      What i cannot do is open any of the Creative Cloud apps I have installed.  When I do, I receive a pop up telling me the licence subscription is out of date and needs to be renewed.  I get an option to retry in 15mins, but have been doing that all day and no better.


      Please help, how can we get our apps back and use the remaining time on our subscription?  What's odd is we have two seats, mine has this issue but the other is working perfectly fine!