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    Re: Highscore for onlinegame

    Level 7
      >I just want to check if I'm thinking right:
      > To make the database I use MySQL (if I get it to work). And then I store
      > the
      > database on a server (Can I use my homecomputer for this - until the game
      > is
      > finished?)

      Yes, you are thinking right.
      You can use your local computer running mySQL. Version 5 should work after
      default installation - use localhost or as your serverhost, and no
      username/password when connecting with MySQL Administrator.

      > Communication between the database and the game is done with netLingo?

      > Communication between the homepage and the database is done with PHP?
      (I normally use asp locally for testing, running on MS IIS server,
      connecting from lingo with postNetText - it works fine.)
      I think you have to run some server service to use PHP locally.
      With the services that most ISP have, it can be a good alternative to use a
      hosted mySQL/PHP, and test it directly on that. You don't have to mess with
      the serversetup, and you normally get a administration area for mySQL - the
      basics are allready taken care of (including easy build of tables and