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    Tree and XML

      the only examples i found online for tree involve a XMLList.
      is it possible to use an XML to populate it?

      for example, my XML looks like this:

      private var MyCat:XML =
      <category ID="0">
      <title>Category 1</title>
      <link ID2="0">
      <linkTitle>Link 1 Title</linkTitle> <linkURL> http://www.link1.com</linkURL>

      <category ID="1">
      <title>Categor 2 </title>
      <link ID2="0">
      <linkTitle>Link1 title</linkTitle> <linkURL> http://www.Line 1 URL.com</linkURL>
      <link ID2="1">
      <linkTitle>Link2 title</linkTitle> <linkURL> http://www.Line 2 URL.com</linkURL>

      Thanks in advance!