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    How can I contact Adobe?


      I have tried several times to get an answer to a question. I have an invasive pop up which claims to be from Creative cloud. Since i have not downloaded or updated anything i want to know if it is genuine before entering a password.


      I now have four identical 'standard' emails with no answer and giving me no way to reply to the emails. The email claims there is no telephone number to contact me on in my profile but my number is listed there.


      The email tells me to call an 800 number but since i am outside the usa , i cannot connect to this number.


      The email tells me to go online and look for the support ticket but the ticket is not there so i cant progress it.


      I originally send a mail to the phishing@ email address since i was worried this was what was happening. With no other way to respond, i send three further emails to the same address,  one after each of the first three responses. I clearly advised that I have no way to contact support and provided a contact telephone number. I also requested a 001 US number so I could call Adobe.  In each case, i simply got a standard email back without an answer and the same options to cantact adobe which do not work.


      I now have an email telling me that my issue is resolved. This is a fantastic way to resolve issues. 1. ignore what your customer asks, 2. make it impossible for them to contact you. 3. dismiss their problem when they fail to overcome contact difficulties.


      With no way to contact Adobe , it seems I may have to send an actual registered letter. Its the 21st century but I am reduced to this. At least i can guarantee that Adobe cannot claim they did not receive my contact as I will have the receipt.


      i also tried 4 times to use your chat service and was cut off mysteriously three times. On the final occassion, i was advised I should create a brand new Adobe account and start again. Not very helpful.


      Is Adobe customer service really uncontactable?