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    Split Existing Text into Columns Delimited by Position (Tabs)

    dEaF TO LiGhT Level 1

      I've been researching the Split Columns feature but can't seem to find out if InDesign is capable of this.  I have a 300+ page publication that I have been cleaning up, and most of the main text has listings of names and addresses and some other information that is divided into columns.  However, the text frames aren't actually divided into columns, nor is the page layout.  The data was manually tabbed by the previous writer, so it looks like:



      Company Name          Contact 1 Name

      Address                      Phone Number

      Phone Number            E-mail


      Contact 2 Name          Contact 3 Name

      Phone Number             Phone Number



      Is there a way for Indesign to split this data into columns based on the ruler position?  It is split straight down the middle, so it would be like how Excel can do Text-to-Columns delimited by a fixed width.  I have a feeling it can't be done, but InDesign is pretty powerful and there are some ridiculously amazing scripts out there, so I had to ask.   I'm looking for a fixed width option, just in case the tabs aren't consistent, the whole way through; however, if there is a way to do this delimited by tab, I could work with that too.  Thanks!