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    Blurring background when changing view states

      I'm a newbie to Flex and fairly ropey at actionscript too having spent the last forever doing Director work. Anyway I've been asked to evaluate Flex and I've been coming up with a simple case study app. So far there have been a few headaches but I think I'm getting there. One thing I'd like to know is how to blur out the background, I'm sure I've seen this done on some sites but can't see quite how to do it. So far I've got a canvas component along the top of the stage with three buttons in it. I've created 3 new view states and in each one I've changed the height of the canvas component. I've added a transition in that animates the change in height of the canvas when switching between views. What I want is everything under that canvas to blur out when it's not in the base state, if that makes any sense.

      Thanks for any suggestions.