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    Install DIGITAL EDITIONS (3) on new OS/partition and specify (shared) library location


      Hi all - i thought i had done this in the past, and knew how to do it but, when upgrading OS. . .

      I don't have enough room on my new system/boot drive (>>> users/documents/digital editions/ )  to hold all my ebook/pdf files,

      but i don't see anywhere in DE where you can specify where the libraries should reside (i.e., on another partition/drive)


      thinking back, i must have just created NEW libraries in DE3 and then "Added" files from their present location, without actually moving the files to the boot drive.


      any ideas how to specify the 'root' (source directory) of the actual pdfs, so that DE3 can then just re-index (i have over 50 different libraries - since there is no way to organize your files, otherwise) ?



      * @ADOBE - how about a "TAG" and SEARCH mechanism in DE, so you don't have make as many library designations!