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    Creative Cloud server issues?

    Mollysnoot Level 3

      My CC app is having issues connecting with the server this evening (in the UK): are there any known issues at present?


      At first it failed to connect at all, then I closed and relaunched it and got some updates for Photoshop and Bridge which worked fine, but then I noticed that it wasn't connecting to my CC files (it just gave the default 'coming soon' message, despite my having signed up for the service and having used it for several months). I decided to reboot my computer, and this time the files do sync as normal, and I can see my download 'history', but whenever I go to the Apps tab I get a 'download error' 400 message stating that I need to check my Internet connectivity and firewall settings. Firewall settings haven't been touched, and my Internet connection is just fine.


      Is it just me getting the bad luck today, or is this a more widespread issue?


      (I'm on a Win7 x64 PC running the Photography CC package.)





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          Samuel Neff Level 1

          Hi Mollysnoot,


          I just had the same issue, though it resolved itself.


          I started up my computer a few minutes ago (Win 7, 64-bit as well) and there was a balloon alert saying 1 Adobe App has an update.  After clicking on it, I received the 400 error.  Restarting Creative Cloud didn't help, and clicking 'Reload Applications' didn't work.  While typing out this reply, 'Reload Apps' ended up working eventually.


          I'm guessing it's just a temporary Adobe server issue.  Hopefully it clears up for you too.

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            Mollysnoot Level 3

            Thanks Saumel,


            I had tried clicking on the 'reload applications' button several times before I posted, but your reply prompted me to try yet again: after four successive clicks in a row, it suddenly worked. Definetely something going wrong at Adobe HQ, although I note that their Creative Cloud status page indicates that everything's just fine...