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    Can't resolve Error loading player: No playable sources found


      I've been working on this for several days now and have exhausted nearly all my options. I am uncertain what started it (MS update, or similar change) but it started last week after I upgraded to Flash 13 in IE11. Basically when I go to the below page, or really any page that has streaming video and click on a video I get an error loading player: no playable sources found. At first I though it was the source of the video, but going to another computer in the office sees it working.




      Over the past 8 hours I have tried to remove Adobe Flash and reinstall it, I've run through the Registry to try and remove any and all reminants of the program and reinstalled and uninstalled it again multiply times, both in safe mode and normal windows.


      I am running Windows 7 64-bit and up until about an hour ago was running IE 11 on an older Dell Vostro 220. Other than regular windows updates, no new software has been installed since the problem started occuring and it all started with the update to Flash 13 that was pushed last week or so, which on this system the install failed.


      When I first started having this issue it was across all my browsers on this machine; IE11, Firefox 28 and Chrome, however through my efforts I have been able to get things back up and running on everything but IE. I have only been able to get things working on Firefox and Chrome by reverting to Flash 11, so am using that for now on these programs.


      My most recent step was to uninstall IE11 and revert back to IE10. Things still aren't working for IE and I have reached the end of my patience on this issue and am hoping to find a solution. In reading through the other help articles I have tried all the fixes suggested, to no avail. When I go to Youtube, I can play the HTML5 videos but am getting a banner across the top of their page that I need to update my Flash. And before you suggest it, yes I have used the Flash delete app, and tried to remove all reference to any version of flash on the system (both registry and file structure).


      So as things stand now, I am running Flash 11 and it is working in Firefox and Chrome, but not on IE 10, I have not taken the time to upgrade again to IE 11 since that along with Flash 13 is where my problems started. If I can get it working in IE10, then I would assume it would start working again, but have no clue what or why this has occured.