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    Retina display and CC


      I am hoping someone can confirm that Apple's new (ish) Retina Display MacBook Pro's will work fine with Creative Cloud apps, particularly InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, probably Acrobat too. I tried CS 6 apps in the Apple store on a Retina Display and it was like going back to pre ATM days. Also, if it does work what other 'side effects' are there? Eg are the images/text so small that you need to zoom in/out all the time. I noticed in the Apple store that most CS6 apps took a while to launch!


      I intend to get a new Mac but am nervous about this Retina Display thing and wonder if I should go with an iMac. Just to confirm, I have Adobe CC but am just referring to CS6 as a reference. Many thanks.