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    Cell stroke is not spanning the entire cell when the cell spans multiple columns.


      It seems to span only the first column (not all of the columns).


      I am generating the IDML file programatically.  I'm pretty sure the IDML is correct.


      Interestingly, if I open the INDD file in InDesign, select the cell, and single click the cell's style in the 'Cell Style' dialog; then, InDesign suddenly extends the stroke over all of the columns.  It is as if InDesign recognizes that there is a problem and fixes it.


      Is this a bug?  It sure seems like an bug in InDesign to me.




      This screenshot shows the document when the stroke does not span all of the columns...

      Stoke not spanning all columns.png

      This screenshot shows the document when the stroke now spans all of the columns (i.e. after I click the cell's style and InDesign magically fixes the stroke)...

      Stoke spanning all columns.png