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    Possible BUG? A problem with Safari on IPhone & IPad

    justincode Level 1

      Hi all...


      I have a problem with safari on Iphone & Ipad, my animations are not working


      This is what the code does...


      Upon load an event fires and and the "ready" animation starts (its a box that gets bigger and smaller), but the animation will not work on IPhone & IPad when i have an SVG or PNG file anywhere within my composition..


      I know this sounds crazy so i have attached the sample code




      If you try deleting the "theProblem" (which is an SVG file) from the composition and then re-run it on Iphone & Ipad and you will see that it animates..


      This problem does NOT occur on any other browser


      With my limited knowledge i can only assume that it is something basic i have missed..


      Please if you could take a look i would be most gratefull!...


      many thanks